Food Edition 

Elle Tobin is sharing their fav local Philly spots with you lucky people! From restaurants to markets Philly is the place to be. Supporting local business helps the community thrive.

Zsa’s is the best of the best. Hellooo have you seen their ice cream. We can't get enough of it! With flavors like Seasonal/Limited Edition Pint - Double Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter and Seasonal/Limited Edition Pint - Cookie Butter you can't go wrong with any flavor. My mouth is watering right now! Check them out at https://www.zsasicecream.com/ 


Reading Terminal Market is a staple to the Philly area. If you've never been, you are big time missing out. Right when you walk in the smells of mouthwatering food hit you and the ambiance is on a whole other level. Check out all the amazing vendors inside, they will literally blow your mind. Like look at that picture below….Insanely cool. Check out: https://readingterminalmarket.org/


Looking for Mediterranian and Middle Eastern Food but are struggling to find your fav spot? Don't worry, Elle Tobin knows you'll love Bitar’s. Even better it's a food store and restaurant so the yummy food you eat, you can buy from their store and try to recreate your new fav dishes. Whatever you do, try the falafel! I bet they will be the best you ever had. Check out their menu now: https://www.bitars.com/menu    


Don't get me started on Vietnam. The Food is insanely good..like look at that picture. You can get such a good bang for your buck here and it's delish! When you go, because you need to, whatever you do, get the chili oil. Please get it, I'm begging you! Check out the yummy menu here: http://www.eatatvietnam.com/cafe/index.php 


At Elle Tobin we believe it's important to shop local and support the small businesses of our community. We strive to keep that money in our community to help ensure where we are living is thriving! 
Of course we are doing it in style with our GO-GLO hoops.