Photo by Linette Kielinski

Meet Danielle Tobin, founder of Elle Tobin. With a passion for fashion and sustainability, Danielle combines colorful textiles and original appliqués that incorporate up-cycled fabric and 3M reflective material into each of her handcrafted creations.  She has always been making her own clothes as well as costumes for all sorts of different performers. Danielle loves creating dazzling, whimsical, dreamy, and electric styles and wants to bring her show stopping designs to your closet!

Danielle is a creator, a dreamer, idealistic, and she is one-of-a-kind just like her Elle Tobin creations.

In 2020 Danielle was chosen to be a designer-in-residence at The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator for the years of 2020 and 2021. She is happily embracing the support and knowledge The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator has brought to her life.

Based in Philadelphia, Danielle lives with her little parrotlet Coconut and enjoys brewing kombucha, reading, hiking, sunbathing, and forest bathing, dancing, traveling, seeing live music and riding her bike all over the city.

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